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Live Your Best Life

            & Free Your Mindset for Rapid Success

Why would I choose a Coach?

Making the decision to come to coaching, may be something you have never thought about, or maybe you have. A Soul Centred Coaching session allows you to talk openly about any issues that are causing you upset, confusion or to gain support and accountability to achieve your goals big and small.

A session can help guide you through challenges, where you can gain clarity and insight and ultimately make shifts. Coaching is a collaborative process in which you get to explore and resolve issues that may be blocking your goals and success in life.

Coaching assists you to find your strengths and guides you to see a range of perspectives that may have been previously been hidden from you. It is an opportunity to improve your overall physical, mental and emotional well-being. It allows you to begin living the life you want. Coaching up-levels you and allows you to get crystal clear on who you are and what matters most to you

So why would I choose Coaching with Lynda?

Making the decision to come to me for coaching, is knowing that I have a spiritual outlook on life and that comes through in the coaching along with the practical strategies and coaching tasks that are set each week for you to make further discoveries. Choosing me to be your coach is about connecting you back into Loving yourself, growing your own Inner Cheerleader and Confidence and understanding how your current thoughts and habits are impacting your world today! If that sounds like a fit, then book a free Discovery Chat to find out if I am a match for you.

I spent a life time struggling to achieve goals and create the success that was always calling me, but I was trying to do things on my own. When I invested in my own coaching and self development life changed dramatically.

I can help you explore aspects of your life by talking about the challenges and goals, exploring them with creative processes or diving in with the subconscious work to get to the core issues of why you're not having the break throughs. You will understand why you may be sabotaging your goals.

YOU ARE WORTH IT! So just like you buy nice clothes, jewellery, shoes, gym memberships and cars, which all make you look good on the outside, so too should we invest in our inner worlds. To enjoy a life that brings meaning and joy and to attract the right people and circumstances that energetically align with you.

Soul Centred Coaching is supportive, may challenge your old ways, but it will grow you immensely and is a way out of your head and into your heart to live your best life with a successful plan for your present and future self!

How long should coaching work be?

It can be short term 6 week 1:1 program to deal with specific goals and issues arising or it can be more long term to deal with difficult patterns for personal development. It is common to schedule regular weekly sessions until you feel you've achieved your personal goals. 

Coaching Packages?

Coaching packages start with a 6 week program of 1 hour sessions weekly.

You will be supported throughout the 6 weeks with txt and email contact.

You will be given tasks to do each week to gain insight and clarity along the way.

After 6 weeks we review your initial goals and challenges and then you decide if you want to continue to do further work and book in another block of 6 weeks or take it week by week at your own pace. 

Soul Centred Coaching Sessions 1 hr

A Soul Centred Coaching session is an opportunity to be heard and understood with the life issues that are currently challenging you and achieving your small or big goals that are on your list.

If you're ready to experience a breakthrough and commit to you, book your Soul Centred Coaching program today! I assure you will evolve during our time together.

Free Discovery Chat to Find out more

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