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3 month 1:1 Transformational Immersion $2,000

This is for you if you're over feeling:

stuck, and wanting more success! You may feel not good enough, frustrated, overwhelmed, and just so over not seeing any change! 

What every women really wants and needs is to love and believe in herself, and feel so worthy and deserving to receive more.

When you finally awaken the Empowered Woman within, you feel confident and worthy and are able to receive more love, wealth, abundance, happiness, and success in all areas of your life!

In this signature 12 week immersion we get to the root cause and limiting beliefs that are causing you to doubt yourself, and not believe that you are worthy and deserving of receiving more love, happiness, abundance and success in business and life.

The familiar patterns of stress: over working, over-giving, people pleasing, perfectionism, being worried about what others will think, shutting down emotionally, being easily triggered, and always pushing and doing more to feel worthy and enough, will be no longer part of your life when you complete this immersion. 

Not feeling enough keeps you in a loop of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, chronically stressed, and believing sacrifice is required to succeed, so you keep pushing yourself.  Alcohol is your go to, to alleviate and suppress the rising stress. And you're desperate for change!

I know because I was once there, and didn't even realise that I was living in a life of chronic stress, not feeling enough or worthy of more success.

You long to have more success and feel more at ease and more confident to be visible and speak your truth. And you long for the courage to trust yourself to take those steps that you've been avoiding, like being more authentic, owning all your gifts, and embracing new opportunities and allowing yourself to shine!

So you're stuck in the never ending cycle of believing if you just work harder things will shift. What's really going on is it's your old beliefs over-riding just how capable you are.

You know it's time to change and keep wishing it will get easier, but nothing seems to work... you've tried courses, done the workbooks on confidence and self-love, tried yoga, meditation, even hired a coach, but nothing shifts, so stress and overwhelm is a constant companion.

"Since doing the EMPOWERED WOMAN program I am showing up easily online and am so much more relaxed and my business is having the best months I've ever had! I trust in my ability and now feel comfortable sharing my expertise! I never imagined I would ever experience this much transformation in a few short weeks!"

When you let go of old beliefs and heal and align your energies you let go of constant stress, people pleasing, over-giving, perfectionism, feeling scared of what others will think, you align to your authentic self the empowered woman within and start trusting that you can have it all - more money, success, happiness, wealth, confidence and more success!

Here are the things you will experience and reclaim throughout this program:

>> Release the old beliefs that are keeping you stuck

>> Feel confident to just be yourself

>> Rewire your mind with empowering beliefs

>> Show up feeling worthy & deserving of more 

>> Stop second guessing and doubting yourself

>> Fall in love with you, you mind, body and soul

>> Heal old emotional wounds

>> Feel more empowered than ever before

>> Ignite your intuitive guidance within

>> Allow emotions to become your GPS

>> Speak your truth more openly

>> Stop hiding and playing small

>> Start showing up authentically on social media

>> Embrace more self-love, self-worth and confidence

>> Gain skills & strategies to navigate life with ease

>> Step back from people pleasing and over-giving

>> Let go of perfectionism & procrastination

>> Release hidden blocks and self sabotage patterns

>> Upgrade and establish new healthy boundaries

>> Take more time out to relax and unwind 

>> Enjoy more restful sleep

>> Relationships improve, especially the one with you!

>> Confidence to make decisions more easily 

>> Trust yourself and trust everything is working out

>> Increase your capacity to receive in all areas of life

This program will change your life and give you results beyond any coaching or therapies you may of tried, as it incorporates a revolutionary integrative quantum healing approach of HeartHealing™ which combines scientific, spiritual and energetic principles for deep and profound shifts. 

"I feel like a flower that is blooming and living in an alternative reality"

Imagine listening to your heart, instead of your head, this is connecting to your empowered woman within that confidently knows her next right step. 

Throughout the program and ongoing you will upgrade confidence, self love, self-belief, self-worth to finally trust yourself and trust that everything is working out. 

You'll start saying no to others and yes to you, as you begin to start living life with a new relaxed ease and flow with new energy and new opportunities showing up, as you ignite your confidence and begin to receive more with ease!

This is the changes one client experienced:

She went from over-giving, self-doubt, constant stress, not feeling confident, never being able to say no to clients, feeing like she never felt good enough amongst her industry peers and was constantly working and trying to control the outcomes. 

After the 12 week immersion, she is living in a new state of ease and flow. She is taking time off during her day, no longer feeling the need to over-give to clients and is not fearing saying no. She is embracing her feelings for the very first time and listening to her intuition and making decisions from the wisdom that is dropping in. 

She is no longer drinking, which she never believed she could give up and now enjoys non alcoholic champagne in her outdoor bath in the late afternoons, instead of working into the night. Her intuition is on fire and guides her in her business success. Yes she's let go of the hustle and embraced her empowered woman within to receive  with more ease and flow. Her business is booming, her relationship is thriving and new opportunities are constantly showing up, because she is finally saying yes to her. 

This is the most profound and deep transformational work you may ever embrace, so let me help you say goodbye to stress and overwhelm and hello to aligned confidence, ease and flow and so much more!




When we work together you will ....

The EMPOWERED WOMAN WITHIN 1:1 12 week Immersion includes a commitment from me to help you experience a breakthrough and create lasting change for happiness and success in life and business. I am with you every step of the way to support your phenomenal transformation for you to release stress and overwhelm and ignite confidence and self belief and let go of old ways of being that are holding you back as we witness together you creating amazing changes in your life.


  • 1 hr Consultation Call
  • Facilitate 4 x 1 hr HeartHealing™ subconscious healing sessions 
  • Personalised recordings to listen to for the following days
  • Email and text support thought the program to support positive changes
  • 4 x 1 hr coaching calls to embody and integrate new changes


  • Be 100% committed to your transformation
  • Listen to your recording daily for the program
  • Complete take away tasks from coaching calls

So if you're ready to let go of stress, self doubt and overwhelm and ignite confience and create lasting change, to feel worthy and deserving of more ....

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